Vallankumouksen vuosipäivä (1918)

Godovshtshina revoljutsii / Anniversary of the Revolution
Dziga Vertov
120 min
vieraana elokuvatutkija Nikolai Izvolov * pianosäestys Marko Puro
Dziga Vertovin kadonneeksi luultu ensimmäinen kokopitkä elokuva, Vallankumouksen vuosipäivä (1918), esitetään erikoisnäytöksessä elokuvateatteri Orionissa, minkä jälkeen elokuva lähtee muualle Eurooppaan festivaalikiertueelle. Vieraaksi näytökseen saapuu tunnettu venäläinen elokuvatutkija Nikolai Izvolov, joka on rekonstruoinut elokuvan.

In November 1918 Dziga Vertov presented his first feature-length compilation film, the documentary Anniversary of the Revolution (Godovshchina revoliutsii), which consisted of historical chronicles of the events in Russia from 1917–1918. For many years the film was considered lost; in 1967 some of its parts could be attributed, but the exact content remained unknown. In 2017 the complete list of intertitles for the film was discovered at the Russian State Archive for Literature and Art (RGALI), which made it possible for the researcher Nikolai Izvolov to identify all of the film’s constituent parts and recover Anniversary of the Revolution in full from the material archived at the Russian State Archive of Film- and Photo-Documents (RGAKFD). Dziga Vertov’s debut film has been fully restored and will have its world premier at IDFA in Amsterdam on 20 November 2018, almost exactly a century after its first screening.

With the support of the Aleksanteri Institute, it will be possible to offer a special screening of Anniversary of the Revolution in Helsinki on 26 November (and before the film will tour other European festivals), presented and introduced by Nikolai Izvolov (Moscow).

Nikolai Izvolov is Head of the Department of Russian Film History at the Scientific Research Institute for Cinema (NIIK) at the Russian State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK). His publications include the book Fenomen kino. Istoriia i teoriia [The Cinema Phenomenon. History and Theory, 2001] and numerous articles on early Russian and Soviet cinema published both in Russia and abroad. He is particularly renowned for his work in the reconstruction of ‘lost’ films by Aleksandr Medvedkin, Dziga Vertov, Lev Kuleshov and others. Izvolov is the editor of Ruscico’s ‘Academia’ series of classic Russian films on DVD with scholarly commentaries in Hyperkino format.