Media Education and Audiovisual Media

The supervision of audiovisual programme provision and the coordination and promotion of national media education are handled by the National Audiovisual Institute’s Department for Media Education and Audiovisual Media (MEKU). National Audiovisual Institute is subject to the Ministry of Education and Culture.

MEKU supervises compliance with the Act on Audiovisual Programmes (PDF).* This Act provides for restrictions on the provision of audiovisual programmes for the purpose of protecting children. MEKU takes feedback from audiences concerning the provision of audiovisual programmes detrimental to the development of children, and acknowledges the receipt of audience feedback. If the feedback leads to further measures, the Department notifies the individual giving feedback.

MEKU also promotes media education, children’s media skills and the development of safe media environment for children in cooperation with other authorities and corporations in the sector. The Department acts as an expert in the development of children's media environment and promotes research related to the sector, as well as monitors international development in the field and distributes information about children and the media.

* Technical revision (as of Jan 1, 2014) on the Act due to an organizational change: The Finnish Centre for Media Education and Audiovisual Programmes has been replaced by the National Audiovisual. Institute, and the word ‘Centre’ with the word ‘Institute.'