Archive Materials

Stills, scripts, digital materials.

Library visitors have access to Tenho, KAVI’s collections database, as well as the opportunity to examine films and related materials such as scripts and stills.

Photographs can be viewed immediately in digital form. In general, all stills related to domestic films have been digitized. Finnish film posters have also been digitized.

Scripts and transcripts must be requested in advance from the library.

The clippings archive contains newspaper and magazine articles about Finnish and foreign movies from the early years of film to the present day.

At the library’s viewing station, visitors can stream programmes from the Radio and Television Archive as well as the Finnish Film Archive’s digitized films, which includes about 10,000 Finnish films. The digital collections of the National Library of Finland, such as magazines, can also be read.

The rulings of the Finnish Board of Film Classification and the Appeal Board of Film Classification can be read on microfilm (35 mm).

Helsinki Police Department decisions on film screening permits through 1919.

Film classification rulings for the years 1919 to 1946.

Finnish Board of Film Classification rulings on the classification of domestic films through 28 August 1974 and for foreign films through 2 January 1964.

Meeting minutes and rulings issued by the Appeal Board of Film Classification 15 March 1946–13 November 1990.

Correspondence (incoming and outgoing letters) 1916–1957

Bound classification rulings: Classification rulings for domestic films 18 August 1950–22 December 2000.