Nearly 36,000 publications, 200 magazine subscriptions, KAVI’s digital materials and a clippings archive.

Audiovisual culture in print and electronic form

KAVI’s library comprises approximately 36,000 works including filmographies and publications related to the history of film and audiovisual culture, aesthetics, theory, research, technology and finance. Current issues of 200 magazines are also available, in both print and electronic form (including back volumes, the library has holdings of 950 periodicals).

The clippings archive and KAVI’s digital materials are also available for visitors’ use.

The clippings archive contains about 30,000 files of clippings organized by film, each of which gathers newspaper and magazine articles related to the film. The archive also includes approximately 13,000 biographical and thematic files. Visitors to the library can also explore filmographic and bibliographic databases and electronic journals.

In addition to the library collections, visitors can also use the archive’s collections database Tenho at the library’s customer service desk and have the opportunity to examine materials such as scripts and still images. Many digitized photos are available for immediate viewing. Scripts must be requested from library staff in advance.

Visitors to the library can also access the digital collections of the Radio and Television Archive, the Finnish film collection and the National Library of Finland.  

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