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The National Audiovisual Institute is responsible for archiving film, radio and television materials, as well as other materials which include moving images. This is based on the law on collecting and preserving cultural materials (2007) which replaced the earlier legal deposit act of 1984.

KAVI’s film collections consist of ca. 1 400 Finnish feature films. This amount grows annually with approximately 30 new releases. Safeguarding the Finnish film heritage for the future generations is one of KAVI’s main goals defined by legislation.

KAVI is not a film rental agency since it owns only a fraction of its collections. The main part of it is strictly protected by the copyright law—for instance, KAVI can’t lend film prints to any third party without a proper permission from the legal rights’ holders.

The best way to gain access to KAVI’s collections is to attend the Institute’s screenings in Kino Regina and regional film series in seven cities around the country.

KAVI’s various collections are stored in climate-controlled storage vaults in Otaniemi, Tuusula and Sörnäinen.