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KAVI’s film collections consist of ca. 1 400 Finnish feature films.

For the sake of Finnish film culture

The preservation of Finnish film heritage for future generations has been the core task of the National Audiovisual Institute and its predecessor, the Finnish Film Archive, since the archive was founded in 1957.

The basis of KAVI’s work is the Act on the Deposit and Preservation of Cultural Materials [in Finnish].

The law requires that filmmakers and producers deposit the original image and sound negatives of film material produced in Finland, along with the corresponding release prints and copies of related advertising and publicity material, with the National Audiovisual Institute. The law applies to domestic films intended for public screening.

Collections on the internet

The commercial distribution of motion pictures on film came to an end in Finland in 2012, when cinemas transitioned to digital projection. With the end of distribution on film, motion picture film laboratories ceased operations both in Finland and abroad, and film archiving also had to enter the digital age.


As a result of our digitization work, KAVI has been able to make our collections of films and related materials more and more accessible to the general public.

In December 2019, the Elonet film database was updated and migrated to the national online collections platform Finna. Elonet offers over 200 feature films, many of which are available at 4K Ultra HD resolution.

As digitization work continues, the selection available on Elonet will only increase – KAVI owns about 450 feature films, over a quarter of all full-length films ever produced in Finland. In addition to feature films, thousands of commercials, documentaries and short films from a period of over a hundred years are available for viewing.

Elonet is a free service intended for private use as well as cultural and educational purposes. Its contents may not be used for commercial purposes without the permission of the National Audiovisual Institute.


Kino Regina, movie paradise

The film series organized by KAVI in Helsinki and elsewhere in Finland are a continuation of the work of KAVI’s predecessor, the Finnish Film Archive.

Kino Regina, located in the Helsinki Central Library Oodi, presents the history of film from its early days to the latest new releases. The programme includes classics, rare gems, filmmaker retrospectives and unique events ranging from live music film concerts to seminars. Regional film series are organized in eight different cities in Finland.

Finland 100 and resources for students

KAVI’s Finland 100 project, the Elävä muisti website [in Finnish], provides insight on the nation’s history through documentaries, news bulletins, commercials and narrative films that convey the spirit of their era.

The Elokuvapolku website [in Finnish] has been designed to support film education in schools and was recognized by the Finnish art teachers’ association in 2013. The site’s film clips and educational materials are available to schools free of cost.