Fees Charged for the Provision and Classification of Audiovisual Programmes


The following fees are based on the Ministry of Education and Culture Decree on the chargeable performances of the National Audiovisual Institute and the Audiovisual Programme Board in 2024 and 2025 (1152/2023) and on the Act on Audiovisual Programmes. 

Classification and registration of audiovisual programmes through the age limit database maintained by the National Audiovisual Institute 

Registration of an audiovisual programme EUR 9/programme. An audiovisual programme can be a film, a film trailer or an episode of a television series. The price covers the classification and registration of the television programme’s marketing spots.


Audiovisual programme classifier training EUR 1,600. In Finland, audiovisual programmes are primarily classified by audiovisual programme classifiers trained and approved by the National Audiovisual Institute, and they work in companies or as private entrepreneurs. 

Refresher training EUR 550. The approval for an audiovisual programme classifier is valid for five years. The refresher training must be completed no earlier than six months before the expiry of the approval. 

Authorisation to show unclassified and unlabelled audiovisual programmes at a special event EUR 165/free of charge

The authorisation fee may be waived if the production of the performance concerns educational or cultural activities of central or local government or non-profit activities promoting general cultural activities. 

A decision issued on the basis of a rectification request EUR 100 

A party not satisfied with the audiovisual programme classification decision made by an audiovisual programme classifier may submit a written rectification request to the National Audiovisual Institute under the Act on Audiovisual Programmes. No fee is charged for the other decisions issued by the National Audiovisual Institute on the basis of rectification requests.

Audiovisual programme classification service (VAT 24%) 

The fee charged for the audiovisual programme classification service is based on the Ministry of Education and Culture Decree on the chargeable performances of the National Audiovisual Institute and the Audiovisual Programme Board in 2022 and 2023 (1094/2021). Under section 4 of the Decree, the National Audiovisual Institute must price the classification services on a commercial basis. 

The price of the classification service was changed as of 1 January 2023. 

Audiovisual programme classification service EUR 2.25 (incl. VAT EUR 2.79) for each minute starting; minimum fee is EUR 67.5 (incl. VAT EUR 83.7). 

The basic classification fee (audiovisual programme registration) EUR 9/audiovisual programme (VAT 0%) is added to the invoice. 

The fee charged for standard audiovisual programmes (such as films, trailers or television programmes) is based on the duration of the programme in question. 

For interactive audiovisual programmes (digital games), the time required for the classification is used as the invoicing criterion as the duration of a game cannot be determined. 

VAT (24%) is added to the classification service fee.

Supervision fees (VAT 0%)

Provisions on the size of the supervision fees are contained in section 27 of the Act on Audiovisual Programmes.

Regional television programme output – EUR 100

Business facilities where recordings of audiovisual programmes are provided and other similar facilities – EUR 100

Business facilities where audiovisual programmes are publicly shown and other similar facilities – EUR 200

On-demand service – EUR 400

Video-sharing platform service – EUR 400

National television programme output – EUR 600

A set of programmes of a provider retransmitting foreign television broadcasts – EUR 400