Rent a cinema

Are you dreaming of your own film screening in a real cinema? Are you organizing an event for your organization? KAVI rents out its cinema in Sörnäinen for both private and corporate use.

KAVI's offices in Sörnäinen house a small, professional standard cinema Kino Tulio with 57 seats. The modern lobby serves as an exhibition space and can be used for catering. The rental hours for Kino Tulio are Monday to Friday 9 am to 4 pm, but in special cases the cinema can be used in the evenings and weekends as well.

Possible screening formats: 35 mm, DCP, Bluray, DVD, different file formats (inquiries about other formats:
DCP delivery: hard drive, Unique MovieTransit

Terms of service:
Kino Tulio

KAVI rents out also film prints and DCPs for screenings but the customer is responsible for acquiring rights for the screening. KAVI holds the rights only for a limited number of Finnish films.

For more information, please email


KINO TULIO (KAVI, Sörnäisten rantatie 25A1, 5.krs.)

The prices include the services of the projectionist/technician.

• during office hours (Mon-Fri 9 am to 4 pm):
100,00 € / h (VAT not included)
124,00 € / h (incl. VAT)

• evenings and weekends:
180,00 € / h (VAT not included)
223,20 € / h (incl. VAT)

• press screenings, closed screenings for production companies and distributors:
150,00 € / screening (VAT not included)
186,00 € / screening (incl. VAT)