KAVI organizes regular film screenings at the Kino Regina in Helsinki. Archival series cover just about everything from the earliest examples of film history to the latest noteworthy releases: classics and forgotten gems, extensive retrospectives illuminating genre history and changing times.

Film concerts and other special events such as seminars and lectures have also attracted a wide following. In addition to Kino Regina’s offerings KAVI’s screenings take place in nine other cities around the country.        

Kino Regina’s ticket booth opens half an hour before each day’s first screening. However, you can also purchase them online whenever convenient for you. You can choose whether you want to register yourself or not at the address (in Finnish only). Click on the shopping cart icon next to the film’s screening information, for instance via the Program Calender (in Finnish only).

Kino Regina

A brand new cinema has 252 seats and modern technology to suit today’s all screening demands.  
Address: Oodi Helsinki Central Library, Helsinki

Kino Tulio

A modern cinema with 57 seats aimed primarily at professional use.
Address: Sörnäisten rantatie 25 A, 5th floor, Sörnäinen, Helsinki

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