Audiovisual Programme Board

The Audiovisual Programme Board is an appeal body that considers the appeals against the audiovisual programme classification decisions made by the National Audiovisual Institute. 

The Board has a chair, a deputy chair and four other members each of whom has a personal deputy member. The Government appoints the Board members and deputy members for a term of three years. 

The Board chair and the deputy chair must hold a Master’s degree in law. The other members and the deputy members must include person’s familiar with matters concerning the development of children and persons familiar with audiovisual communications. The Board may use experts for assistance. 

The Board has a quorum when the chair or the deputy chair, a member familiar with issues concerning the development of children and at least one other member are present. The opinion supported by the majority of the members will be adopted by the Board. In the event of a tie, the Board will adopt the opinion more beneficial to the appellant. 

Instructions for submitting an appeal to the Audiovisual Programme Board (The content is in Finnish) 

Audiovisual Programme Board appointed for the period 1 April 2024–31 March 2027 

(The decision was made at the Government plenary session on 8 February 2024) 

Chair: Tuula Lybeck, Master of Laws
Deputy chair: Joni Hiitola, Master of Laws 
Member: Janna Manninen, Licentiate in Medicine (Riikka Riihonen, Doctor in Medicine)
Member: Reijo Kupiainen, Doctor in Education (Heta Mulari, Doctor in Philosophy)
Member: Satu Valkonen, Doctor in Education (Marjo Kovanen, Master of Philosophy)
Member: Jaakko Seppälä, Doctor in Philosophy (Outi Hupaniittu, Doctor in Philosophy)