Use of Films

KAVI owns more than a quarter of all full-length films produced in Finland.

Does KAVI rent out films?

KAVI’s collections consist primarily of materials that have been deposited as required by law, and materials such as film prints that have been deposited at the Institute cannot be released to anyone without the permission of the rightsholder. KAVI’s films are primarily accessible to the general public through the Kino Regina cinema, the regional film series and Elonet.

With permission from the rightsholder, films may be able to be obtained for loan or use at the discretion of the Institute based on available resources and the status of the collections. The terms and cost of using footage from KAVI-owned films are always established on a case-by-case basis.

All usage and viewing fees, services, charges etc. can be found on Fee Schedule (pdf).

KAVI does rent out digital release prints of Finnish films it owns for screenings in cinemas.

For further information about films, renting films and fees for using films: Tommi Partanen, head archivist, tel. 02 953 38125.


Use of films

KAVI owns approximately 450 films – more than a quarter of all full-length films that have ever been produced in Finland. KAVI’s catalogue includes the full-length feature films produced by Suomi-Filmi and Suomen Filmiteollisuus, the screening rights to Teuvo Tulio’s films, and the entire output of Fenno-Filmi.

KAVI’s deposit agreement requires us to monitor the use of depositors’ materials and provide advice related to those materials as needed. Before any materials (film prints, film transfers, stills, etc.) can be released for use outside the archive, the customer must first obtain the permission of the film distributor, depositor, or rightsholder for their intended use.

KAVI manages and mediates the sale of deposited materials with the owner’s permission and redirects customers to third party rightsholders if necessary.