How to Spot Misinformation the Finnish Way

Finnish media literacy and media education raise special interest in the United States. Finnish achievements in the field of media literacy and education continue enjoying heightened media visibility in the United States. Both the New York Times and the MSNBC news...

Finnish Classics with Subtitles

How about watching Finnish film classics for a change? Our free-for-all streaming service Elonet is now happy to provide you with English subtitles to many of them. Most of the films are available at Ultra HD resolution but all feature titles are in at least HD...

Kino Regina – Magic of Cinema in the Heart of Helsinki

Would you like to see a really great film? How about indulging in three amazing films six days a week all year around? We've got you covered - welcome to Kino Regina in the Central Library Ode! KAVI's archival series cover just about everything from the earliest...

Visit Elonet, The Online Film Archive for Finnish Films

In December 2019 KAVI launched a free-to-watch streaming service for Finnish feature films. The new streaming platform was built on top of a web service offering filmographic data on films. The content was based on the 12-part Finnish National Filmography book series....

National Audiovisual Institute

Kino Regina

Kino Regina is the National Audiovisual Institute’s new cinema.

Visit Our Library

KAVI’s library the only special library for film literature in Finland.


Film Archive Online.


KAVI organizes regular film screenings at the Kino Regina cinema in the Central Library Ode in the heart of Helsinki. Enjoy classics and forgotten gems, extensive retrospectives as well as the latest noteworthy releases. 

Radio and Television Archiving Since 2008

Radio and Television Archive’s (RTVA) main task is to safeguard the Finnish radio and television culture for future generations.

Classification of Audiovisual Programmes

Audiovisual programmes supplied in Finland must be classified unless exempt from classification.

KAVI’s Media Education

Our goal is to promote media education and the safe media environment acting  We act as expert members in working and advisory groups on both the national and the international level.

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Special Library Dedicated to Film

KAVI’s library’s priority is the comprehensive coverage of the audiovisual culture in Finland, but the collection is international in scope. 

KAVI At Your Service

KAVI preserves films and film-related materials as well as radio and television programming. KAVI also restores and digitizes Finnish film heritage, and disseminates knowledge about audiovisual culture.